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Zodiac Candles

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  • Zodiac Candles
  • Zodiac Candles
  • Zodiac Candles

8 oz size only

Sign - color, scent, herbs w crystal

Aries - red, mahogany and pine, sage and ginger w carnelian
Taurus - green, apples and honeysuckle, rose and thyme w rose quartz
Gemini -light green, jasmine, lavender and parsley w tigers eye
Cancer - white, eucalyptus and lilac, jasmine and bay w angelite
Leo - golden yellow, sunflower and linen, bay calendula w goldstone
Virgo - beige, bergamot and sandalwood, elder flower and rosemary w fluorite
Libra - pink, rose and lilac, dried rose and elder flower w peacock ore
Scorpio - dark red, frankincense and myrrh, patchouli and basil w black tourmaline
Sagittarius - blue, cinnamon and mahogany, sage and basil w amethyst
Capricorn - black, coffee and sandalwood, thyme and baby’s breath w obsidian
Aquarius - light blue, aspen and sweet pea, rosemary and mint w amazonite
Pisces - light purple, ocean, teakwood and honeysuckle, parsley and sage w amethyst


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