Return policy: if the candle has been lit, it cannot be returned. You have 14 days after delivery to submit a return request. 

Broken on arrival: if a candle is broken on arrival, you have 7 days after delivery to contact me and I will replace it or refund you. 

Shipping: Unless something crazy happens, I ship all orders within 2 weeks. Shipping days are Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Fire safety: do not leave a candle unattended. If the candle causes a fire, I am not responsible. If plant material in the candle catches fire and causes a fire, I am not responsible. 

Notice: plant material in the candle may catch fire. The flame is usually no larger than the wick's flame and will go out quickly. The burning plant material may cause a smell but will fade quickly. 

Pets: I do not use essential oils in my candles, so the candle is safe to be around pets. However, keep the candle out of reach of any pets so they don't burn themselves.