Q: My candle tunneled and the wick drowned. What do I do? 

A: While soy wax is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly wax, it’s a pain to work with. What likely happened is cavities formed below the surface of the wax causing this to happen. While I’m working on fixing this permanently, it will occasionally still happen. Here’s what you can do: 

If the wax is still melted, swirl it around the jar to cover the unmelted parts and/or pour some out in the trash can. 

If the wax has reset, first melt some wax around the wick either using the oven on a low temp OR using a hairdryer (be careful!). Then, pour some of the wax out. 

In addition, the best method I’ve found for fixing it is poking holes around the wick so those cavities get filled. 

As always - if you’re still unhappy with your candle, please see my return policy. 

Q: What kind of wax do you use?

A: I only use soy wax, so my candles are vegan-friendly.

Q: How big is a small and a large?

A: Smalls are 8oz, Larges are 16oz

Q: How long does it take you to ship?

A: At very max, 2 weeks. However, I typically aim for less than a week.

Q: My candle arrived broken, what should I do?

A: Email me or DM me! I'll gladly replace it, give you a refund or give you store credit. 

Q: Where do you get your supplies? (wax, wicks, jars, etc)

A: Lone Star Candle Supply. If you're getting a custom candle, feel free to browse their site for a scent that you want.

Q: Where do you get your crystals?

A: I order primarily from Rock Paradise but get some crystals from local reputable shops.

Q: Where do you get your herbs?

A: My herbs come from one of three places: my backyard, the grocery store, or a metaphysical shop. 

Q: Do you use environmentally friendly shipping supplies?

A: Yes! I aim to use as much environmentally friendly supplies as possible. Currently, all my packing supplies is recyclable, tape included, and my thank you cards and business cards are made from recycled paper. 

Q: I'm a new witch, can I ask you questions?

A: OMG YES please DM me on Instagram!  

Q: Why does my candle look frosted?

A: While soy wax is better for the environment, it's also more unpredictable. Frosting and separation from the glass are common and hard to prevent, but completely normal! 

In addition:

- If you are trans but still closeted, put a note in your order for your preferred name and I'll use that name on your hand-written note.

- If you are a witch but still closeted, put a note in your order and I'll make the "from" address not say "The Storm Witch" on it.


Return Policy: If the candle is intact, I can issue you a full refund once you ship the candle back to me. If you've already lit the candle once, that's fine. If the candle is more than 1/3 down from the original level, you may not return it. If the candle is broken, I will issue you a full refund and you don't need to return the candle. 

Shipping: I aim to ship within 1-2 weeks. If I receive a large influx of orders, it may take longer. Pre-orders are not part of this policy. With pre-orders, it will be shipped 1-2 weeks after I receive all my supplies. 

Appearance: It is important to note that my candles are not for appearance sake. I do care about what my candles look like, but it is not the top of my list. If there is a small crack in your candle, or it doesn't look *exactly* like the picture, you may return the candle to me and I will refund you the value of the candle. You must pay for shipping. This is also up to my discretion - if I deem the candle looks terrible and can't be repaired by simply lighting it, I may issue a partial or full refund without needing the candle returned.